Programs for CNC machines

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We write programs for numerically controlled machines. The programs are created in a TruTops and CADMAN setting, ensuring optimum process time and material savings.


Using our own engineering skills and the machine parks of our fellow companies, we offer the implementation of production (single or small batch). Production usually concerns our own projects (but not only).

Design supervision

We provide project supervision services for the implementation of projects designed by us. Thanks to the supervision, customers have a guarantee of correct implementation. As part of the project supervision, a project validation or research can be carried out in order to present suggestions for product improvement.


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r qualified staff carries out tests and measurements of the created devices and objects. In this way, we can correct any faults that may occur so that our projects can develop continuously. We offer support to our customers regarding the service and assurance of reliability of our products.

Why is it worth it?

Production technologies developed according to accepted standards

Optimal technology for the realization possibilities

Full set of documents to obtain the necessary permits

Production execution under the supervision of a competent team

Diagnosis of faults and investigation of their causes

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